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ArtWorks is committed to improving support for artists working in participatory settings. We are a Paul Hamlyn Foundation initiative which has received funding from the Arts & Humanities Research Council, Creativity, Culture & Education (through support from Arts Council England) and the Cultural Leadership Programme.

If you've been to our main website, you'll probably have read that this community of practice site has been active since the start of the initiative. ArtWorks members have been posting and accessing information here, as well as sharing experiences and opinions as our research process has developed.

If you're new to ArtWorks, becoming a member means you can:

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When you join, you’ll find guidance on making the most of this online support and resource, to which we hope you’ll add your own contributions.

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You are warmly invited to come to the European Cultural Learning Network conference on Saturday 5th September at the Bernie Grant Centre, Tottenham, London from 10am- 12 noon ECLN. We are launching 3 Professional Development Awards for Cultural…Continue

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Started by DENISE STANLEY in Arts in Participatory Settings Aug 25, 2015.

What is the no.1 current text on Participatory Arts in your Opinion and Why?

What is the best thing you have read, seen or heard recently about Cultural Learning or Participatory arts ? It could be a chapter in a book, a newspaper article, a video, part of a radio programme or something a colleague has written....etc. Please…Continue

Tags: Cultural, Learning, Participatory, Arts, Opinion

Started by DENISE STANLEY in Using the ArtWorks network Feb 16, 2015.



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