Addressing the Dynamic - Artists and Project Managers

Trinity Laban (Learning and Participation teams) designed Addressing the Dynamic as an enquiry-based research project focused on the role and skills of arts project managers (PMs).

Personnel from Trinity Laban perceived that the role of project managers in building effective relationships with participatory artists is often overlooked but can be imperative to the success of arts participatory work. Addressing the Dynamic therefore asked the question:

What skills do project managers need and what do artists want from project managers to ensure the facilitation of high quality participatory arts projects?

The aims of the research project, articulated in a logic model (see appendix p.31), were:

  • To better understand the barriers and challenges that currently exist between artists and project managers in terms of management and relationship dynamic.
  • To highlight what artists and project managers expect from one another and what approaches, frameworks and models can help establish and support positive working relationships between these two groups.
  • To develop a greater understanding of how to facilitate and manage better professional relationships amongst the research project participants.
  • To develop a greater understanding of the misconceptions, assumptions and culture that currently exists around the relationship management between artists and project managers working in arts in participatory settings (AIPS) amongst the research project participants.
  • To contribute to the debate in the sector around the needs of project managers who are facilitating AIPS with particular focus on their management of relationships with artists.

You can download the report below.

For more information please contact: Annie Sheen

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