Artist interventions/incursions in business as participatory practice. Who engages in this in the UK, today?

Does anyone know the current situation in the UK concerning Artist Interventions/Incursions in commercial or even public authorities? These interventions were made by artists to mobilise participation of the workforce, improve communication, foster innovation and disrupt business-as-usual patterns in the work-place. I know that in the 90's the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre (Theatreworks) were using Theatre to intervene in business processes, particularly consultancy and accountancy firms and Benjamin Zander, the Conductor was running business seminars for Executives! The Unilever Catalyst project in the 90s was also a  ground-breaking project in this area.  I am just beginning a new project which aims to explore and engage in this work across 13 European countries over the next 3 years. It is called Break-In the Desk and it is being led by Materahub in Matera, the City of Culture in 2019. I am trying to get a picture of what happened in the UK. If anyone can remember what was happening over the last 2 decades in the UK in this area of participatory practice and help me to piece this together from an artists perspective or has any idea of what is happening currently, please add your contribution. Thank you...

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