What are the 'New National Occupational Standards' which have been set by industry for Community Arts and Community Arts Management.?

I have seen the publicity re these new standards but cannot find them on the Creative and Cultural Skills council website, or in fact anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them? I am currently working with East Midlands Bridge Organisation and Arts and Learning East Midlands on a regional artists network event on March 13th 2013 and we would like to be able to refer to them for this event. I would also be really interested to hear from anyone who worked on or was consulted on what the standards should be, especially if you are based in the East Midlands. It would be great to have you come along to our open space debate on quality and work with children and young people on the 13th.

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Hi, more information about the NOS to come in the next ArtWorks newsletter and ArtWorks Navigator update, due in March, and meanwhile, check out http://nos.ukces.org.uk and you can search for community arts, arts leadership etc there....

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