What is the no.1 current text on Participatory Arts in your Opinion and Why?

What is the best thing you have read, seen or heard recently about Cultural Learning or Participatory arts ? It could be a chapter in a book, a newspaper article, a video, part of a radio programme or something a colleague has written....etc. Please add a reference or a link, if appropriate, also give a short comment as to why you like it (max 15 words). Thanks.

Mine is:


'Chrissie gives a concise overview of Participatory Arts that spells out some principles and contexts'

I am asking about this because I am interested in compiling and sharing a broad list of current resources for Artists and Creatives who work in Cultural Learning and Arts in Participatory Settings both in UK and  in 12 other European countries. I would love to facilitate the sharing of this type of  material from a predominantly artist-centered  viewpoint. 

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