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Funding:  £179,000

This partnership is led by Welsh National Opera with Community Dance Wales, Community Music Wales, Professor Hamish Fyfe at University of Glamorgan, Head for Arts, National Dance Company Wales, Sherman Cymru and Streetwise Opera.  Associate partnerships will be set up in the first year, which will include a range of Higher Education and arts organisations, such as National Theatre Wales.

This is a national strategic approach aiming to bring together Welsh-based artists from all artforms to work together to share their individual practice, using connectivity between artforms, artists and organisations as a catalyst for the development of a new and sustainable training model. The proposed programme uses cross-artform and cross-sector discussions to generate learning for national dissemination.

The programme is in three phases:

  • 2011: Base-team, development of on-line presence, audit of training, development of partnerships and consultation with artists and participants
  • 2012-13: Five action-research projects addressing different questions using collaborative methodology. All groups will look at the specific skills sets that artists might need and how artists develop them in a participatory project
  • 2013-14: Symposium and roll-out of resulting training network and on-line resources.

Lead contact: Rhian Hutchings, Welsh National Opera

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