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ArtWorks Cymru Conference

Find out about what happened at the ArtWorks Cymru Conference here

ArtWorks Cymru

Notes on some of the discussion sessions, videos of the keynotes, videos of the pecha kucha sessions and some of the comments on our graffiti wall and promise tree.

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The Quality Question - A Wales Perspective

On 27th March at Sherman Cymru, ArtWorks Cymru will be debating The Quality Question. What does quality look like in participatory arts? How do we measure it? Is it process or product that's important?

This debate has come out of two years of research and debate that has been fielded through the ArtWorks program, a special initiative led by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. ArtWorks is exploring training for artists who work in participatory settings, and how we can advocate…


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ArtWorks Cymru Open Space Session - 'What are we doing to open up professional arts practice to people who are never going to do a degree?' (on behalf of Ruth Garnault)

Notes from ArtWorks Cymru Training  symposium:

open space


The Question:

What are we doing to open up professional arts practice to people who are never going to do a degree?

The Context:

  1. Over 50% of people in the Creative Industries have a degree (CCI figures). In disadvantaged areas of Wales, far less than 50% are going to get a degree. How do they get a foothold in the…

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‘Is non HE/FE/accredited training just as valid? (posted on behalf of Claire Cressey &Caroline Alford from Welsh National Opera)

 ArtWorks Cymru Open Space Session - December 17th 2012 

Key Question

‘Is non HE/FE/accredited training just as valid? If so, how do we ensure quality and raise the awareness of opportunities available?’


posted on behalf of Claire Cressey/Caroline Alford (WNO)


Context: What other ‘training’…


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ArtWorks Cymru Phase One research presentation

On Tuesday 10th July 2012, ArtWorks Cymru hosted a reception in Cardiff at which I talked about our research findings from phase one. Here is the power point version of our findings, written by myself and Eleanor Sellers. All comments welcome!

ArtWorks Cymru Phase One Findings

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ArtWorks Cymru - Consultation Craziness

We spent a crazy Tuesday in Cardiff meeting and working with around 30 artists this week. The two groups who joined us were made up of a range of artists from many different art forms. The one thing that was really clear was that everyone  was completely prepared to be open and share their experiences. At the end of the last session, the group discussed how valuable the session on it's own was, and how much they would love to find a way to keep meeting and sharing. It definately feels like…


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ArtWorks Cymru - travelling the A470

Noswaith dda Pawb! (Good evening all)

I thought it was about time I started to document our journey in wales here on Ning!

It's been all about set up so far, but now everything is taking off and we are finally out there talking to artists.

Our consultation sessions are being led by the irrepressible Jên Angharad, and she is plumbing the depths of the issues, armed with play doh and scissors!! So far we have met artists in Caernarfon and Wrecsam.  Next week we visit…


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