Noswaith dda Pawb! (Good evening all)

I thought it was about time I started to document our journey in wales here on Ning!

It's been all about set up so far, but now everything is taking off and we are finally out there talking to artists.

Our consultation sessions are being led by the irrepressible Jên Angharad, and she is plumbing the depths of the issues, armed with play doh and scissors!! So far we have met artists in Caernarfon and Wrecsam.  Next week we visit Caerdydd and Aberystwyth. Pob Lwc Jên!

Our researcher Eleanor has also been travelling the country (England too) interviewing artists. Here are links to some comments from

artist Terry Chin on the importance of play in participatory practice -

and dancer Cai Thomas covering his key skills and beliefs - 

I have been attending the PHF pathfinder meetings, which bring together a wonderful group of people from across the UK who have been working to forward the cause of participatory practice for decades and are now driving the ArtWorks agenda from many perspectives - whilst lecturing at universities, running forums, driving change in their organisations, being at the coal face making amazing work.... The rarified and electric atmosphere of these meetings is extremely exciting and I truly believe that such a groundswell of passion and practicality will make things happen.

Well - more to come next week, when I report back on the sessions and hope to post some of the photos of the work that gets made.

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